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ASON is performing development and manufacture of high-intensity, high color rendering, and large area OLED lighting by using the ASON type device structure depending on the outstanding CGL technology, and diffuse reflection encapsulation technology.

ASON provides the solution using original know-how and production technology in various companies.

With our technique, we contribute to the profit of the customers.
We are carrying out the material evaluation for the customers who are developing organic EL, an organic semiconductor, etc. and collaboration and an evaluation test. We contribute to provide our company's equipment for reproducibility testing of papers and device production for material evaluation to customers for their profit.
Please contact us for the evaluation examination that used suggestion of manufacture, the evaluation technique of the OLED elements, a technical grant, other co-operations and our facilities, technique consulting.
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About Our OLED


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About material evaluation

●OLED material evaluation example
UV/VIS spectrum measurement ,PL spectral measurement,The material degradation characteristic by prolonged heating.

●The evaluation example performed by producing a device
Current, voltage, and luminance property ,EL spectral measurement. Luminosity lifetime evaluation. Heat test. Shelf time evaluation under high-temperature and high‐humidity environment. Gas-barrier-property evaluation. ITO substrate evaluation. etc.

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Collaboration and Evaluation test

●Technology We Can Provide

Technology We Can Provide
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Those who wish for details need to ask us.

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